Tara does more than entertain and inspire your audience....she transforms them from the inside out.

Whether your audience is a corporate retreat, a woman’s organization, a school, or a business conference, Tara’s dynamic, charming, authentic, and pulls-no-punches approach to transformation-from-the-inside-out will give your attendees actionable tools to quantum-leap their confidence, show up and be seen, and create more beautiful results in their careers, relationships, and lives.

Tara Starling has been telling stories as a celebrity makeup artist in the Hollywood film & television industry for over 20 years, working with some of the world’s top actors, musicians, models, and athletes.

She has lent her talents to over 70 films, many of which have garnered Emmys, MTV Movie Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and Best Picture titles at film festivals the world over. Her work spans many genres, including film, television, music videos, commercial print, editorial, and corporate.

When Tara is on stage instead of on set, she trades her makeup brushes for making over the audience’s mindset, using powerful imagery, quirky humor, captivating stories, and heartfelt connection to help your guests see themselves, their purpose, their own beauty and worth and their lives in a new light.


What People are saying...

"If the purpose of a meeting is to give your people a transformational experience they can't get at home, at school or work, and to take their hearts to a place their minds can never go, then you must hire my dear friend Tara as your next keynote speaker! Famous for her passionate preparation to customize every speech, Tara will teach and inspire and connect with each of your audience members in an intimate, brilliant way. Her eloquence, grace, sophisticated elegance and thought provoking insights will leave everyone with tools and benefits that will last a lifetime! I love and honor this genuinely good woman and highly recommend that you allow your people to experience her life changing genius!"
Dan Clark
Dan Clark Hall of Fame Speaker New York Times Best Selling Author of The Art of Significance
"Michaelangelo said, "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." To me, this is exactly how Tara Starling approaches life- she's a true artist of humanity. She lovingly encourages and guides others to recognize their beauty (inside and out) so they have the courage to shine and make a difference in the world. It is a true honor and delight to work closely with Tara in any capacity! I've been impressed with her speaking presentations, business mentoring, talents makeup artistry, and passion for supporting charities all over the globe."
Kelly King Anderson
Business Coach
"Tara Starling is an amazing speaker and presenter. She is passionate and committed and willing to share her own detailed story of pain and healing. Through this, she is able to move people of all ages to action to change their own lives. People thank her with tears in their eyes for being so honest, real, and open. Tara tells the ‘story’ of so many and is creating a powerful movement of change for people around the world.”
Elisabeth Anderson

“When we make the shift from living by Default to living by Design, we essentially quit our day jobs of being “extras” in our movie and start showing up as the Star of our own lives.”

                                         ~Tara Starling

Popular Topics

Live as the Star of Your Own Life

Using powerful metaphors and captivating, behind-the-scenes stories from her 20+ career as a celebrity makeup artist in the film and television industry, Tara inspires your audience to re-write the script of their own story, stop being an “extra” in their own movie, and step up to become the star of their own lives.

Debunking the beauty myth

Tara connects with your audience on a deep, soulful level as she shares her own journey through loss, hope, and healing that led her to the Miracle Makeover. She walks them through the steps of Debunking the Beauty Myth and Redefining Beauty for themselves, leaving them with increased confidence, deepened self-love, and a knowledge that they are truly beautiful.

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the kindess conspiracy

Tara’s work as a humanitarian has taken her from the far corners of the globe to her own backyard. With a poignant yet powerful mixture of laughter and tears, Tara will inspire your audience to become Secret Agents of the Kindness Conspiracy by taking small actions of kindness that have exponential results to change the world…and their own lives!

“We can never outperform our self-image. When we change the way we see ourselves, we automatically see everything else in the world in a whole new light.”

                                         ~Tara Starling

Or collaborate with Tara to create a custom presentation tailored to your unique audience.

"I had Tara speak at one of my women's conferences and people who attended are still telling me months later how it made a profound impact on them. She is a compelling, moving and articulate speaker who is deeply connected to her message, which creates a deep connection with her audience. I completely trust Tara with creating an impact on my attendees..."
Angela Johnson
Business Coach and Strategist
“Tara was so easy to listen to, she has She draws the best out in others and presents in such a way that everyone in attendance leaves feeling 'whole' and feeling that they have the potential necessary to accomplish anything they desire. I would highly recommend her ...Tara Starling is an amazing presenter and educator."​
Carol Guest
Mrs. Utah 2011
Tara Starling is a dynamic speaker with an important message for everyone. Her presentation on “Debunking the Beauty Myth” is well organized and reveals key strategies for discovering true beauty. Tara connects with her audience by combining humor, life experience, career expertise and overall likability to any message she brings to the table. She is motivating and inspiring and will leave you with a desire to be a better person. I would highly recommend Tara as a speaker and presenter.
Larissa Degraff
Event Organizer

“If you want to change the way you look, a little bit of makeup will do the trick. But if you want to change the way you live, that’s where the beauty and power of making over your mindset comes in.”

                                         ~Tara Starling

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