If I told you the names, resumes, and net worth of the people who have sat in my makeup chair and said these three words, you would think I was making it all up.

And if I told you the number of people I meet day to day who, upon discovering I am a celebrity makeup artist say the exact same thing, you would wonder if everyone’s mirrors were broken.

The ugly truth is that even though we spend in this country over 7 billion dollars annually on beauty products, very few of us actually FEEL beautiful.

And too few industry experts are really showing women how to use all that makeup in a way that is authentic, engaging, and empowering.

Even worse, not enough people are actually teaching women what REAL beauty is.

The unavoidable—even if unintentional—fallout of our current culture of curated and perfection-based beauty is that we keep chasing after an impossible standard of filtered flawlessness that ultimately leaves us feeling defective, dejected and defeated…

…Feeling like we are not beautiful, not worthy, and not enough–the perfect recipe for habitual self-sabotage to our self-esteem, our relationships, our business, and our lives.

After spending much of own life searching futilly for my worth in the numbers on the scale, the size of my jeans, and my reflection in a broken mirror of society’s making, I had to uncover a new definition of beauty.

The way I saw myself, my life, and the entire world shifted when this fundamental truth finally came into focus:

Real beauty is not a result of the way we LOOK, but rather a reflection of the way we LIVE.

For over 20 years I’ve been a professional makeup artist in the film and television industry, where I’ve had the privilege of using makeup as a tool to help tell stories that entertain, inspire, and even transform people all over the world.

Touching up Anthony Hopkins for a scene in “The World’s Fastest Indian.”

Hanging with the cast of High School Musical in-between takes.

A few years back I realized that even though there were plenty of makeup tutorials, there were few resources teaching women the actual ART and SCIENCE of makeup so they could tell their own story and showcase their own unique brand of beauty authentically, effectively, and powerfully.


I had developed an extensive curriculum that I used for years to teach advanced makeup courses, workshops, and seminars, but I realized that instructing women how to only transform their APPEARANCE was selling them short if I didn’t also give them the tools to transform their EXISTENCE.

By combining the theories and techniques of makeup artistry with the principles and practices of Real Beauty, I have created courses and coaching programs that guide, support, and empower women to transform entire lives from the inside-out.

I love the work I get to do on movie sets, television shows, music videos, and photo shoots. I have traveled to exciting locations across the world, worked on projects that have garnered Emmys, MTV Movie Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and Best Picture titles at various film festivals, and have done makeup on some of the most famous actors, musicians, models and athletes on the planet.

But nothing rivals my passion for helping women discover their own beauty and giving them the tools and support to create a beautiful life where they experience unprecedented happiness, love, and success.

When a woman learns how to debunk the beauty myth, redefine beauty, and then has the tools to not only look but feel and live like the star of her own life, everything in her life is transformed from the inside out.

Her self-worth.

Her happiness.

Her health and wellness.

Her relationships.

Her business.



Before I discovered the power, principles, and practices of the Miracle Makeover, I self-sabotaged my life into what is commonly referred to as a HOT MESS.


But the power of Real Beauty can turn our deepest messes into our greatest masterpieces.


I remember the day that Lisa Nichols of The Secret told me there would come a time when I wouldn’t even recognize my life.


She was right.

My life is not perfect, but it is full of purpose, peace, joy, and beauty.

I have experienced wounds turning into wings, brokenness giving way to breakthroughs, and outlandish dreams becoming everyday destiny.

I went on to co-author a best-selling book called “Living Proof” with Lisa Nichols and a handful of other authors and currently have two other works slated for publication this year.

When I am not on set now you can find me speaking in different parts of the world to groups of women of all ages in schools, corporate settings, religious organizations, entrepreneurial groups, tv shows, and podcasts, sharing the life-changing message of the Miracle Makeover.

I experience one of the most powerful Real Beauty Boosts in service to others, and my own soul is recharged through volunteer work that helps the disadvantaged and homeless remember their own beauty, worth, and potential.   Working closely with the homeless population through SOUL FOOD USA (a non-profit founded by my sister and I that feeds those on the streets) and as a board member of Care Cuts (an organization that provides haircuts and makeovers for the homeless) adds a depth of beauty to my life that is difficult to describe.

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Even though glitter is my favorite color and I have a respectable tiara collection, I often feel the most grounded and beautiful when my hands are in the dirt growing food and flowers or doing chores on our small, magical dream farm that my real-life-handsome-prince-of-a-husband and I call The Starford Shire. 

Our blended family consists of two teenage humans, one horse, two llamas, four goats, two alpacas, thirty-five chickens, one cow, and five cats. We are hoping and praying for a tiny human (or two!) to add to our crew soon.

Some might say that I am a chocolate snob, but I prefer to think of myself as merely a highly committed chocolate purist.


More than glitter, goats, or chocolate, though, I am committed to helping you become the most beautiful, happy, and successful version of yourself, and hope that you will look around and take full advantage of the gifts and resources I have for you here.

It is my honor, delight, and joy to help you realize how beautiful you are, and discover how BEAUTIFUL a life you can create.